Intuitive Womanhood

Invest in Your Soul's Journey

Your soul chose a specific trajectory, and your intuition leads the way.

Time to meet your spiritual self.


The Intuitive Womanhood Program is for you if…

  • You are feeling burnt out and are unsure how to do life differently

  • You are struggling with¬†intimacy and/or your romantic relationship

  • You have very little¬†memories from your childhood¬†

  • You are often wondering why you are ‚Äúhere‚ÄĚ

  • You witness patterns blocking you from magnetizing¬†your dreams


I am IN

Here's What We Will Explore:

The release of past wounds

and toxic beliefs related to transgenerational trauma by accessing your subconscious mind and understanding your soul's blueprint 

 Healing your mind and body 

with a holistic approach such as yoni steaming, blood type diet, past lives contracts  and inner child connection

Activate a deeper connection 

and awareness with your own soul, clarifying the karmic experiences you are here to endure and transmute 

Nurture an intentional lifestyle 

by becoming more conscious of your multifaceted personality and aligning your decisions towards your soul's mission



"Julie is a wonderful practitioner that helps you connect to your soul and remind you of the power you came into this earth with. I have done her 6 month healing program, Akashic records school. Cannot recommend highly enough for anyone struggling in life with any issue be it love, career, fulfillment. She is a soul whisperer :)"

"I can't speak highly enough of the well-being each of these sessions provided me with. It helped me disconnect from all the worries, at work or at home, and gave me a lot of tools to keep caring for myself after the end of the program."

"I have met Julie a few years ago when I moved to NY and she has helped me tremendously over the years with her intuition and mindfulness.
Overtime, having Julie by my side helped me overcome challenges in my personal and professional life to achieve growth and balance in both. I highly recommend her services."

This program includes the following:

  • Bi-weekly 1:1 60-minutes¬†sessions,¬†including soul readings, energy healing, tarot cards¬†and channeled rituals to do at home
  • Access to an online library including a variety of empowering inward meditations¬†to connect with your soul and circulate energy within the body, rituals and holistic practices ebooks, and journal prompts
  • Monday through Friday, access to me¬†for spiritual coaching in between session until the end of¬†the program

Are you ready to heal from the past, trust your intuition and align your life with your soul's purpose?


3 Months 1:1 Holistic Program - Heal and Bloom

$500/month x3

Payment plan available

  • 6 Body & Mind Healing sessions
  • Soul Readings using Akashic records, numerology and astrology
  • Online Library with meditation and tutorial¬†ebooks
  • Access to all my online courses
  • Tarot & Oracle reading
  • Self-care rituals channeled throughout the program