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My practice is designed to help people crack the code of their soul's karma, goals and talents.

It's time to access a deeper consciousness to trust yourself, heal your body and become the inspirational light you have been longing for.

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1:1 Soul Reading

In this 1h30 session, you will be revealed the roots of your karmic contracts to set yourself free from the past and connect the dots physically, mentally and spiritually. 

Themes included in this session: Release of subconscious fears, Soul Destiny Reading, karmic patterns reprograming, customized self-healing suggestions .

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1:1 Intuitive Womanhood Program

Indulge in a 3 or 6 months Spiritual Coaching program for a life-changing experience!
This is my highest most value-packed transformational container as you will embark into a customized soul guidance with me INCLUDING bi-weekly 1:1 energy healing and soul readings sessions as well as exclusive access to me from Monday to Friday throughout the whole program.


Tarot Readings with Julie - 30 minutes session

Do you currently feel like being at a crossroads?

This Tarot reading session supports you during pivotal moments, offering you guidance on relationships, career decisions, personal growth, or simply to explore your current options. It's a way to explore your thoughts and emotions through cards symbolic and intuitive channeling.


Holistic Pregnancy

Starting on the second or third trimester of pregnancy, be ready to connect with the sacred energy of motherhood!

Have you heard about Orgasmic birth? What about connecting with your baby’s soul? In this program we will work together during pregnancy up to postpartum for a soul connected mama & baby experience.


Chakra Healing Online Course

A course designed to help you understand the emotional root behind each dis-ease while providing you with efficient tools to circulate old energy and regulate your nervous system.

This self-paced journey will provide you with all the wisdom and practices you'll need to access your own subconscious mind and reveal old beliefs ready to be released, and gifts to be reclaimed. Ready to feel empowered? 

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I am the guide for you if ...

  • You are committed to¬†exploring the depth of your multidimensional being
  • You have a strong desire to remember¬†your soul's¬†karma and destiny
  • You feel called¬†to cultivate Faith to embrace Motherhood
  • You are expanding¬†your own care practice¬†to include energy work
  • You wish for an intentional lifestyle, led by your intuition
  • You are ready to heal old wounds¬†to feel grounded¬†and¬†aligned
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"Julie is just fantastic! She changed my life by helping me in sessions 1:1 with my challenges. She has this incredible power to connect with you and to see what is happening to you at the moment. I would recommend 100% to see her and discover all of her practice."

— F. Pradier, Private Client