Intuitive Womanhood

Created by Julie Fotis to help all women embrace who they came here to be.

Honor your unique path, values and aspirations with confidence in your intuition without being swayed by external pressures or expectations.

This is your call to pursue your  dreams with conviction and integrity.

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Intuitive Womanhood : Connect and trust your highest potential

This sanctuary, rooted in holistic healing practices, invites women to tap into their inner potential and the profound wisdom of their soul. It's a testament to the resilience of the feminine spirit and the transformative power of accessing memories from the subconscious mind and subtle energy.

Intuitive Womanhood represents a movement that encourages women to reclaim their health, confidence in their intuition, and a deep understanding of their life's journey.

 My own struggle with PCOS and hypothyroidism led me to connect with the emotional roots of my life's battles, a path that not only brought physical healing, but also a deep spiritual awakening.

As a certified Holistic Health coach, Pregnancy and Birth practitioner, my gift is to help you find more truths about who you are, and open new doors to experience Life. This awareness, not only helps you to regulate your nervous system, but also guides you towards deeper levels of peace and Faith to embody who you came here to be.

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Hi, I'm Julie Fotis 

I guide women to come back to their highest potential by decoding their soul's contracts and embrace life with confidence.

I discovered the transformative power of unlocking the subconscious mind and reprogramming an old belief system within the conscious mind in 2008 while grappling with traumatic childhood abuse flashbacks.

 My personal healing journey led me to overcome a severe case of PCOS that had been preventing me from conceiving naturally. This experience opened me to the gift of accessing the subconscious mind, reprogram past narratives and channel directly with the soul self. 

As a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN), I began my practice as a Health Coach, and integrated Akashic records reprogramming into my practice, complementing it with energy healing and bio-individual soul work assignments to help my clients develop a self-trust routine. And the results were incredible !

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In 2023, I took the decision to become certified as a Pregnancy and Birth Practitioner with the Aura Institute, to weave in a more naturopathic and science-based background to my holistic healing practice.

I am now able to address childbirth classes, in-person birth doula service and postpartum energy healing. Motherhood is a rite of passage and each mama deserves to feel blessed while carrying life within their womb.

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Over the past six years, I have assisted clients in healing hormonal conditions, reconnecting with their feminine essence, breaking free from self-sabotaging patterns, and establishing a self-aware mindset that lasts a lifetime and beyond.

The Akashic records, stored in the Akasha (a Sanskrit term meaning "ether" or "space"), contain the soul's memories throughout its entire journey, reflecting the karmic patterns carried for soul frequency upgrades. Accessing these records can illuminate subconscious wounds that may hinder one's life goals. Through this process, trauma can be alchemized into freedom, offering a direct expansion with more opportunities and healing from the past.

The reprogramming process, facilitated by the highest frequency of authenticity, connects clients to their soul-self, a deeper understanding of the body, and the alignment with the mind. The healing is nurtured by channeled practices such as breathwork, self-love rituals, numerology, astrology, mantras, and so forth. These practices help each client to deepen their sense of self-worth and unveil their creative gifts. 

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