Intuitive Womanhood

Created by Julie Fotis to help all women come home to their truth.

Heal from within and connect to your soul's purpose through old narrative reprogramming, healing practices, rituals, and the power of community.

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Intuitive Womanhood is a beacon of empowerment and healing for women navigating all stages of life.

This sanctuary, rooted in holistic healing practices, invites women to tap into their inner potential and the profound wisdom of their souls. It's a testament to the resilience of the feminine spirit and the transformative power of self-healing.

Born from the personal journey of its founder, Julie, Intuitive Womanhood represents a movement that encourages women to reclaim their health, bodies, and lives. Julie's own struggle with PCOS and hypothyroidism led her to the realm of Akashic records reprogramming, a path that not only brought physical healing, but also a deep spiritual awakening.

This transformative experience inspired the creation of Intuitive Womanhood, a practice created to share her knowledge and guide hundreds of women toward healing and self-discovery.


Intuitive Womanhood is more than a healing practice...

  • It's a journey of transformation, a call to break free from the past, and an invitation to connect deeply with the mind, body, and soul.
  • Together, we are creating a world where every woman is empowered to embrace her true self and step into her full potential.
  • The values of Intuitive Womanhood are deeply embedded in the principles of holistic healing, self-love, and empowerment.
  • We believe in the inherent wisdom of the soul, the power of the feminine spirit, and the potential within each woman to heal and transform. 

Hi, I'm Julie Fotis 

I help women come back to their soul to create a future of limitless creative possibilities.

Julie, the founder of Intuitive Womanhood, discovered the transformative power of Akashic records reprogramming in 2008 while grappling with traumatic childhood abuse flashbacks.

 Her personal healing journey led her to overcome a severe case of PCOS that had been preventing her from conceiving naturally. This experience opened her to the gift of accessing the Akashic realm in 2016.

As a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN), Julie began her practice as a Health Coach, attracting clients primarily struggling with fertility issues. She integrated Akashic records reprogramming into her practice, complementing it with channeled soul work assignments to help clients develop a self-trust routine.

As of 2023 Julie became a certified fertility and pregnancy practitioner with the Aura Institute, to weave in a more naturopathic and science-based background to her holistic healing practice.

To continue her advocacy for natural birth, Julie is now offering Birth Doula service in New York City and Westchester area, supported by DONA International certification process.

Over the past six years, Julie has assisted clients in healing hormonal conditions, reconnecting with their sacred feminine essence, breaking free from toxic patterns, and establishing a self-aware mindset that lasts a lifetime and beyond.


The Akashic records, stored in the Akasha (a Sanskrit term meaning "ether" or "space"), contain the soul's memories throughout its entire journey, reflecting the karmic patterns carried for soul frequency upgrades. Accessing these records can illuminate subconscious wounds that may hinder one's life goals. Through this process, trauma can be alchemized into freedom, offering a direct expansion with more opportunities and healing from the past.


The reprogramming process, facilitated by the highest frequency of authenticity, connects clients to their soul-self, a deeper understanding of the body, and the alignment with the mind. The healing is nurtured by channeled practices such as breathwork, self-love rituals, oracle and tarot messages, mantras, and so forth. These practices help each client to deepen their sense of self-worth and unveil their creative gifts.

More About Julie...

  1. Julie is a French native living in New York since 2012. Julie moved to the States without speaking English and thrived in just a few weeks, proving it's all about the mindset!

  2. Julie healed herself fully from her PCOS condition after using Akashic records reprogramming.

  3. Julie is certified as an integrative health coach from IIN (Institute for Integrative Nutrition) as well as a fertility and pregnancy practitioner from the Aura Institute.

  4. Julie experienced an orgasmic birth with baby #2 and is now offering birth doula service in New York!

  5. Julie started to play the harp at age 7 because she believed in angels and wanted to “work” with them.

1:1 Coaching & Healing with Julie

This 90-minute session is a travel back in time to recover the memory at the origin of your current blocking pattern. Akashic records are the memories of the soul, and my practice helps you reprogram that past to set yourself free from what seems "impossible" to overcome so far. 

This session addresses themes such as stagnation, toxic patterns, illusions of attachment, infertility, past contracts, and PTSD. 

Your new freedom starts here!

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Read what clients are saying:


"Julie is just fantastic! She changed my life by helping me in sessions 1:1 with my challenges. She has this incredible power to connect with you and to see what is happening to you at the moment. I would recommend 100% to see her and discover all of her practice."

-F. Pradier


"I highly recommend Julie’s women's circles and rituals. Besides seeing Julie regularly, I have joined a couple of her circles over the years and find them always intimate, filled with strong, warm, and powerful energies that help me whenever I find myself out of balance or when I just want to reconnect. "

-M. Rousselet


"Julie’s women's gatherings are pure magic! I have worked with her 1:1 many times and then decided to attend her circles. I felt welcomed and right at home even though I did not know the other women attendees."

-O. Dzumaga

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