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The pathway to the soulful connection with your baby, your body, and your most empowered self.

Discover Your Sacred Birth

Congratulations on Your Growing Miracle!

First and foremost, congratulations on your pregnancy! You’re embarking on a beautiful journey. My Holistic Pregnancy Program is here to empower your transition into motherhood with confidence in your body, your baby and your motherhood journey.

As a certified doula, this soulful program is taking a complete new level of awareness towards motherhood. We are weaving together the power of knowledge with dedicated time to talk body anatomy, baby’s growth in utero, hormonal changes, the process of birth and postpartum recovery.

The Holistic Pregnancy Program will include:

  • 4 childbirth preparation¬†sessions¬†before birth
  • 2 Healing sessions¬†focusing on emotional and physical¬†recovery¬†
  • Continuous chat support for real-time guidance
  • Personalized birth plan, body movement, breathwork, and¬†hypnobirthing
  • Access to a rich library of meditations and educational eBooks


To start your application process for the Birth Doula in-person service in New York city, please schedule a call with  me.

I am looking forward to chatting Motherhood with you !


Nurturing You and Your Baby Beyond Birth

I believe that welcoming a baby is a life-changing event impacting parents on a physical, mental and spiritual level. As you welcome your child, our program supports your physical, mental, and spiritual transition, ensuring a nurturing postpartum experience for both mother and baby.

Are you in the New York City area and looking for a birth Doula?


If yes, I am more than happy to offer this service to you!

I am certified as a Pregnancy and Birth Practitioner with the Aura Institute and offering currently my services as a birth doula in NYC !

I am offering to all my clients a FREE prenatal visit with practical and educational handouts to discuss my approach on the natural birth rhythm (at home or in a hospital) and your own unique needs.

I am all about building a comforting atmosphere with all the special tools needed, whether at home or in a hospital. Having experienced an orgasmic birth on my knees in a hospital room myself, I am dedicated to be the best advocate for you to create a sacred space that resonates with you to feel safe and at ease during the birth of your baby. 

Once we chat on the phone and upon your decision, we will schedule a time to meet in-person for the free prenatal visit. 

Let's start the conversation!